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What Makes Us Special

SwiftMedispark | SwiftPractice
All-In-One System
Synchronises all departments with real-time data processing, giving management a clear overview.
SwiftMedispark | SwiftPractice
Easy User Experience
Carefully designed for effective human-computer interaction. Easy to learn for computer novices.
SwiftMedispark | SwiftPractice
Proudly Nigerian
Built to improve processes and face challenges specific to the medical practice in Nigeria.
SwiftMedispark | SwiftPractice
Robust Features & Tools
Can handle every aspect of medical practice based on 10 years of Doctor-led software development.
SwiftMedispark | SwiftPractice
No Internet, No Problem
The software will be installed on your institution's local server so lack of internet isn't a barrier.
SwiftMedispark | SwiftPractice
Flexible Pricing
Pick and choose from multiple options, we help create a pricing structure that works for you.

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SwiftMedispark | SwiftPractice
SwiftMedispark | SwiftPractice
Doctors & Consultants
SwiftMedispark | SwiftPractice
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SwiftMedispark | SwiftPractice
Other Dept. Users

SwiftMedispark | SwiftPractice

“Fully integrated all aspects of running our hospital … flexible enough to suit our own needs”

Yahshua Alkali Medical Director, Childcare and Wellness Clinics, Abuja
SwiftMedispark | SwiftPractice

“The best thing that's happened to our hospital in 20 years … made life easier for all stakeholders”

Umar Mahmud Umar Executive Director, Reemee Medicare, Bauchi
SwiftMedispark | SwiftPractice

“After many failed attempts with other software, SwiftPractice was the only package that worked for our large organisation. I can’t imagine going back”

Chukwuemeka Okeke Executive Director, Havana Specialist Hospital, Lagos

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