Software Features

Front Desk
Health Information
Seamless clerking of patients as they walk in. Eliminates waiting time by automatically sending patients’ arrival notifications directly to their doctors.
Inpatients & Outpatients
Take out-patient vitals which are immediately visible to doctors. Perform ward management tasks such as duty reports, fluid charts, in-patient drug administration and more.
Clinical Encounters
Feature-rich clinical documentation with automatic ICD-10 dropdown options. Prescribe drugs, request investigations and admit to ward directly within an encounter.
Billing & Accounts
Payments & Reports
Upload HMO tariffs. Automatically generate bills from clinic activities. Oversee performance of your facility with detailed financial reports.
Dispensary & Store
Doctor's prescriptions are received at the click of a button. Drugs can be prepared even before the patient gets to the pharmacy. Manage ward requisitions and stock levels paperlessly.
Imaging & Laboratory
Request for labs, X-Rays, Scans and other investigations during clinical encounters. Enter results and uploaded images directly into patients’ records to be immediately visible by doctors.


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