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most complete EMR & Hospital Management Software in Nigeria

Manage the operations of your entire hospital or your multiple branches on our reliable and robust software. Enough tools and features to allow hospitals truly go paperless.

The Notable Features

  • Competitive exchange rates
  • No internet required: Built to work offline
  • All hospital departments included: Radiology, Inpatients, Billing etc
  • Surgical process flows & checklists
  • Manage HMO tariffs, schemes & claims
  • Stock/Inventory Management
  • Use our Robust Accounting package or integrate with yours
  • Special service tools e.g. Antenatal, Emergency, ICU, Dialysis, IVF etc.
  • Specialist documentation: Dentistry, Ophthalmology, O&G etc.
  • Detailed Financial performance reports & Business Analysis tools
  • Manage Appointments & Bookings
  • Internal Memos & Chat
  • ICD10 Ready
  • Staff Management
  • Automated patient emails & SMS
  • Queue/Waiting Room Management

Key Benefits

  • Manage everything you do in one place

  • Suitable for both private and government facilities

  • Improves the image of your establishment

  • 3x faster processes, reduce patient waiting times

  • Full overview of your operations and earnings

  • The data you need to make decisions at the click of a button

  • Suitable for multi-location or single sitehospitals

  • Smooth transition to paper-free system

  • Get set up fast, little training needed

  • Save millions in ink, paper & space

  • More accountability: Less errors, check pilfering

  • Removes poor efficiency and coordination associated with paper records


Front Desk
Health Information
Seamless clerking of patients as they walk in. Eliminates waiting time by automatically sending patients’ arrival notifications directly to their doctors.
Inpatients & Outpatients
Take out-patient vitals which are immediately visible to doctors. Perform ward management tasks such as duty reports, fluid charts, in-patient drug administration and more.
Clinical Encounters
Feature-rich clinical documentation with automatic ICD-10 dropdown options. Prescribe drugs, request investigations and admit to ward directly within an encounter.
Billing & Accounts
Payments & Reports
Upload HMO tariffs. Automatically generate bills from clinic activities. Oversee performance of your facility with detailed financial reports.
Dispensary & Store
Doctor's prescriptions are received at the click of a button. Drugs can be prepared even before the patient gets to the pharmacy. Manage ward requisitions and stock levels paperlessly.
Imaging & Laboratory
Request for labs, X-Rays, Scans and other investigations during clinical encounters. Enter results and uploaded images directly into patients’ records to be immediately visible by doctors.

How To Get Started

Request a Demo

Our representative will give you a demonstration of our software either in person or virtually

Complete our online form

Give use the details we require to prepare your deployment and offer you the best possible price

Implementation & Deployment

Once contractual paperwork is complete, our team will get your account set up and train your people

Enjoy a Paper-Free System

Successfully complete the gradual transition from your previous system to an efficient, paperless operation