The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak is creating unique challenges for Nigerian hospitals

We’re here to help

We’ve compiled a brief guide to inform you about what Swift MediSpark is doing, as well as any steps you can take, to keep things going.

What Swift MediSpark is Doing Internally?

We take the health and wellbeing of our people seriously and, as such, our entire team is now working from home, which means that are able to remain open as normal and can continue to assist you regardless.

If you need to reach us, you can still contact our dedicated phone lines (insert numbers) or use our website’s live chat support. Although we expect minimal change to your experience, the team have just transitioned to home-working so please do bear with us if response times are longer than usual.

We will continue to review the ongoing situation and rectify our operation is response.

What Swift MediSpark is doing to help you:

Reduced prices: Amidst the COVID19 pandemic, the urgent need for digital ways of working have increased. Hospitals are eliminating the use of paper files in order to curb the spread through contact. As a result, many hospitals need to go digital quickly. But revenues have reduced due to lack lustre patient flows. Hence, we have reduced our prices to make it even easier for our new customers to do so. Speak to our team (put link here) today to get a quotation.

Fast-tracked the launch of our Telemedicine Platform: Hospitals need to minimise risk of their facilities being closed down due to contamination. They also need to protect their staff from contracting the coronavirus through walk-in patients. Patients are also avoiding hospitals in order to stay safe. It has become quite clear that hospitals may not be able to survive the outbreak without an efficient virtual way of talking to their patients. Hence, we fast tracked the launch of our Standalone Telemedicine platform (put link here) to give Nigerian hospitals a quick solution.

We made our Telemedicine platform FREE: We understand that hospital’s revenues have been affected negatively by the coronavirus outbreak. But our Telemedicine service (put link here) remains urgently needed in these times. Hence, we have decided to offer it to Nigerian hospitals for free for their first 2 months of use. This will allow you to get set up (put link here) quickly and recover revenues before being asked to pay just 3% of Telemedicine earnings.

Remote installation & Deployment: With several states on lockdown, our team may not be able to travel to your hospital physically to carry out implementation and train your people. Hence, we have developed a fully virtual deployment system; All configuration activities can be completed remotely via online tools and your people can be trained using videos (put link here). Of course our team remains available for virtual support via our dedicated phone lines (put link here) or our website’s live chat support.

Partnered with Sterling bank to finance your deployment: In our effort to help relieve the impact of revenue drops amidst the coronavirus outbreak and make your digital transition as smooth and swift as possible, we have partnered with Sterling Bank Nigeria to provide financing options for our client hospitals. Sterling Bank believes that growth in our economy calls for more specialized and complex financial services outside of commercial banking. More so, the growth of emerging markets economies, like ours, will enable financial service providers (especially banks) to gain strength and provide the impetus for expansion beyond borders. This enables them to spread risks in time of volatility. Given this background, Sterling Bank intends to be the financial institution of choice for key stakeholders by enhancing technological capability and adopting a customer-centric business model.

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